probation and trust litigation Yuma azIt is unfortunate that disputes arise in some probate and trust matters. We have many years of experience in helping families and professionals resolve these disputes. It is our goal, when possible, to reach settlements to resolve creditor and family issues.  As a last resort, the issue can be presented to the court for resolution.

The types of disputes our firm handles include:

  • Contested guardianships
  • Will and trust contests
  • Trust and probate administration disputes
  • Creditor claims
  • Interpretation of will and trust provisions
  • Exploitation of vulnerable adults
  • Contests regarding accountings
  • Trust modifications
  • Removal or substitution of trustees, guardians, conservators or personal representatives

If you have concerns regarding a probate, trust, guardianship or conservatorship, contact our office and we can help you understand the legal issues and assist you in working with the interested parties, or their legal counsel, in reaching a resolution.