We have two Arizona Supreme Court licensed fiduciaries: Pamela Walsma License #20611 and Jeanne Vatterott-Gale License #20805. Both are also licensed attorneys.

Fiduciary Services

Licensed fiduciaries can serve as Guardians, Conservators, Personal Representatives (Executors), Trustees and Agents. A fiduciary is a person who is named by an individual or is appointed by the Court to oversee care of persons who are incapacitated, in need of protection, lack capacity to make responsible decisions concerning their own welfare or who have income or assets which are in need of protection.
Often family members or trusted friends fill this role. If there is no one able or appropriate to manage an incapacitated individual’s assets and care, we can provide referrals to local, licensed fiduciaries.

Assistance to Unlicensed Fiduciaries

If a family member or friend who is acting as a Guardian, Conservator, Personal Representative or Trustee desires assistance, we can assist with that as well. We can help with Court required budgets, accountings, credit reports and sustainability reports or provide referral to a local, licensed fiduciary. 

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Whether you need legal advice when serving in a fiduciary capacity, desire assistance with the court requiring reporting forms or need someone else to step in and serve in a fiduciary capacity, we can assist at Hunt, Walsma & Gale.