Shadle & Walsma, PLC has provided estate planning, probate, real estate and business law services in the Yuma community since 1963. Our attorneys have many years of experience to help you find best and most cost-effective solutions for your family and business matters.

Estate Planning & Trusts

Today many people are familiar with Estate Planning & Trusts. These agreements provide for distribution of a persons’s assets after the person passes away. We prepare these trusts to meet your personal needs and wishes.Learn More

Business Lawyers

Once you have a business entity established, you may encounter issues that require legal advice or assistance. We can help you prepare contracts, review documentation, and help protect your business interests. We offer protection for your business.Learn More

Probate Lawyers

Probate is the legal process to administer a decedent’s estate. Probate matters can be very complex and may involve tax issues, family disputes, community property rights, rights of children from prior relationships, creditor claims, business and real estate issues.Learn More